Moses Had The Burning Bush, Strasburg Has The Burning Jock

My apologies for not jumping on the blog with more flavorful content recently, but my world is pretty much upside down. I’m basically working two jobs, my kids have started to act like the creatures from Aliens and Manchester City won the Premiere League. I have little time these days for more consistent posting, but when something as mind boggling as what happened to ace pitcher Stephen Strasburg on Tuesday, I sort of have to post.

Icy hot ointment on the jock is definitely our territory.

Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg suffered his worst loss of the season to the San Diego Padres on Tuesday, going only four innings and giving up four runs– to the Padres. Of San Diego. Yeah, that seemed a little uncharacteristic of the phenom and there was worry he might have injured himself. The full story didn’t come out until after the game during Manager Davey Johnson’s post game presser and even then it came out a little cryptically. Video is HERE.

Translation: Somehow Strasburg got “Hot Stuff” icy hot ointment on his jock which made him more than a little uncomfortable on the mound. Basically it was like someone smeared Kryptonite in Superman’s tights while he tries to hold up a meteor from hitting earth. If you’ve never experienced an ointment of this type, let me tell you first it feels great and then it burns like hell, especially if not watered down. Sports peoples use it to loosen up the muscles or something.

If you want to see the ill effects if not used properly, like say smeared on a jock, just check out this classic clip from Revenge of the Nerds.

No one is sure how the ointment got on Strasburg’s jock, no one is fessing up, but it is just yet another situation that will enter Washington Nationals lore alongside the jersey misfires and Jesus Colome’s Butt Abscesses. What started out as a season of respect for the Nationals is quickly deteriorating into a circus. How and why this type of crap seems to only happen in Washington, I don’t know.

But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thoroughly entertained.

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