Yes. That Is A Tyrannosaurus With Nats Hat In Mouth.

We at the NQ hope you are enjoying your Monday holiday. Of course, how enjoyable can it be when the Nationals lose 5-3 to the Miami Marlins? If it wasn’t for the amount of booze and barbecue sauce flowing freely around today then it might be downright unbearable.

But it happens. They can’t and won’t win them all. I can tell you the exact point this game went down the toilet. Bottom of the sixth, Jordan Zimmermann hangs a 3-1 pitch so Gigantor Stanton (or whatever they call him now) can put a two-run bomb over the wall setting off the giant Miami Skittle Machine.

I like Jordan Zimmermann. I do. But I can’t help shake the feeling he hung out with John Lannan and Livan Hernandez too much. Lack of run support aside, he seems that prototypical Nationals pitcher from 2008-2010 that have flashes of brilliance and some fine outings, but scattered a little too much in there are too many mistakes and outings you’d rather forget. Right now he sits in the third spot in the rotation and rightfully so because Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez are absolute freaks of nature, but I would not be against Zimmermann being moved down to the fourth or even fifth in line if the right pitcher were to step up. At least until he can figure to get his head on straight.

But that is ridiculous. It won’t happen and no one ever listens to me. But at least I have a Tyrannosaurus Rex on my blog. Not many can say that.

This Memorial Day weekend the NQ took a day off and went to Kings Dominion amusement park in Doswell, VA. We hit the water park, took in a few rides, checked out the babes and creepily followed anyone wearing something Nationals related. And trust me, there were a lot of people wearing Washington gear at Kings Dominion this weekend. Here are a couple photos of some of the fans we found. Enjoy.

So from my count, that is at least 10 Nationals fans walking around. Add those to the thousands that go to Nationals Park every game and I think you can safely say Chad Dukes is full of sh*t.

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