Nats Fans Are Riding (Getting) High These Days

The Washington Nationals continue to be in first place in the NL East regardless of major injuries to a good portion of their roster and they just finished off their first game at Fenway Park against the Boston Red Sox in systematic and badass fashion led by Stephen Strasburg’s 13Ks and a Bryce Harper two-run 420 ft bomb. The Nationals embarrassed a whole “Nation” by the score of 7-4.

It is a ridiculously good time to be a Nationals fan right now and apparently, some are celebrating by breaking out the wacky tobacky.

Speaking of “420,” a clear-eyed (?) Nats fan known only as Natz420 sent in this photo from some headshop. Even the proprietors of fine tobacco-use only products are cashing in on the recent Nationals success. It only goes to show you: if your baseball team is playing good game, everyone benefits.

I bet if Elijah Dukes had this little guy in his man-purse, he would have done a lot better in Washington.

Idiot Editor’s Note: The NQ has been a bit absent lately and have missed tons of good and awesome stuff. Our apologies but life has gotten in the way. We’ll try to jump back on this horse as soon as we can. Until then, hit up the other nifty Nats blog located on the sidebar– there, I did it, I promoted. People say I am so selfish, too selfish to promote other blogs. Well, they can take that and put it in their Nats pipe and smoke it.

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