Dmitri Young Goes Hollywood

We made a brief mention of this on Twitter on Wednesday and then thought nothing of it, but then I thought about it again and now I wish I hadn’t because I subjected myself to a horrible movie trailer.

The film is “Home Run Showdown,” a sickening sweet tale of a bunch of misfit kids and their rough around the edges chosen coach who doesn’t give a damn at first (is this sounding a tad familiar?) that his team sucks while competing in something called the Home Run Showdown. Then of course a bet is made with a rival coach, the team comes back from the brink, the kids and coach find the meaning of teamwork, friendship and sportsmanship with some humor sprinkled in to make it fun for the whole family, blah, blah blah. It stars Matthew Lillard (Scream killer) and Dean Cain (Superman) which in itself should tell you this film is a dud on arrival.

However, several former MLB players make cameo appearances including former Washington Nationals first baseman Dmitri Young who is shown in the still from the trailer above looking like some squinty-eyed pirate who is about to take a kid back to his odd looking van in the parking lot behind a school. Here is the trailer itself:

There is no way I am ever watching this. It is an obvious “Bad News Bears” rip off and it looks terrible. On top of it all, they couldn’t even spell Young’s name right in the trailer itself. FAIL. But I know there is a small contingent of Washington fans who still hold Fatty McFatt in high esteem (although I have no reason why) so I researched and posted this for their pleasure. That is what I am here for.

Blogged for your pleasure.

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