This Is What Happens When You Get Hit By A Jayson Werth Foul Ball

We hear about it all the time: some unfortunate fan got hit by a foul ball. Though we hear about it through the media and word of mouth, we strangely rarely know a person who actually got hit. It is sort of like a “Have you ever seen a baby pigeon?” sort of thing or actually meeting someone who actually saw Pink Floyd in concert in their heyday.

During the Nationals 6-2 loss to the Brewers on Sunday, the NQ had one of our moles in the crowd (our apprentice, Dr. W) and you can say his day at Nationals Park was a bit unusual as he earned a two hour trip to Urgent Care thanks to a Jayson Werth foul ball. The following is his words and all photos are his:

So back in March I received the Sunday Funday pack where you get all of the home Sunday games.  Today against the Brewers just so happened to be the last game in my Sunday pack and quite possibly the last game I will go to all year.  Unfortunately, my last game ended abruptly starting in the 3rd inning. In a game tied up at an exhilarating score of 0-0, Jayson Werth stepped up to the plate following a Chien Ming Wang double that ignited the “Natitude” of everyone at the ballpark. As Werth was battling to get a hit, he hit a foul ball directly to Section 136, Row CC, the very section and row I happened to be sitting in. As I watched the ball soar through the air right towards me, I prepped myself to finally catch my first ever foul ball. To make things even better, my first foul ball would have been from the man with the golden beard.

Just to inject some of my own stupidity to this posting, I love the “Golden Beard” description. I plan on home brewing some beer of my own and I think I’m going to call it “Golden Beard Lager” or something like that.

I reached out my left hand to make my best attempt to catch the ball, however it bounced off my hand and flew 3 rows back. I was taken aback by how much getting hit in the hand by a foul ball actually hurt as it jammed part of my ring finger. As everyone was making a big deal of how much it must have hurt considering the loud sound the ball made as it hit my hand, I noticed blood dripping down my hand. Due to the amount of blood, the Washington Nationals crew escorted me to the first aid room where they wrapped up my hand and determined that I would need stitches. They sent me back to my seat and eventually returned to give me a bag full of goodies as a way of saying “Sorry, this happened and we hope you feel better.” In other words: “Please don’t sue us.”

Here are some more photos of the post-carnage:

My day only got better from there. After the 4th inning, I exited Nats Park on the way to Springfield, Virginia to urgent care to get my hand x-rayed and get the webbing between my fingers stitched up. As I got to the emergency room, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that every single nurse there was smoking hot!  The doctor was a babe too! I almost found myself looking forward to having needles stuck in my hand and having them sew the skin between my fingers back together.

The NQ will have to send some official NQ thongs to this doctor’s office– as thanks.

Now I sit here with my hand taped up with stitches and all as my Filipino friend types what I am dictating to him. (This guy sucks). I am very grateful he is helping complete this post. Oh yeah, in case anyone was wondering, no I did not get the foul ball! Some people a couple rows behind us managed to receive the ultimate prize of a Werth foul ball that deflected off my now-injured hand and landed in their possession.  I have one thing to say to them: YOU’RE WELCOME!

I guess a thong should go to the Filipino friend as well.

Needless to say, Dr. W this morning feels like a million bucks and he is flaunting his injury and his goodie bag around headquarters like he came off a mountain with the Ten Commandments.

Free beer cups, pitcher, shirt, a playoff hat and a hard to find Strasburg Debut DVD, who wouldn’t be happy?

But I know what this is really about. This is Werth’s retaliation for the time he yelled at me to stop taking his photo, but I took one anyway. This is the Fort Sumter in the war with our nemesis. He can’t abuse our staff like that– only I can abuse my staff like this! This is war, Werth! War!

I do have to say I have been going to Nationals games since 2005 and Dr. W has only been going for little over a year and he has the most bizarre crap happen to him.

The Force is strong with this one– just not in the webbing of his hands.

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