Natstown, What Is Best In Life?

The 2012 Washington Nationals have this on their resume: NL East Division Champions. #1 Seed in the Playoffs. Arguably the best team in baseball these days.

Over on the Philadelphia Phillies 2012 resume: Absolute sh*t.

The Nationals finished off their 2012 regular season campaign by beating those mentioned Phillies by the score of 5-1 at Nationals Park. Needless to say D.C. is abuzz and anyone in Philly is having a hard time fapping these days.

I understand disappointment. Trust me, I’m a Nats fan. I do better than most. But sometimes disappointment comes off as just raging jealousy and stupidity such as in the case of Phillies blunderhead Jimmy Rollins. After Wednesday’s game he was quoted as saying:

Rollins said if Phillies had been healthy all season, Washington would have been second place team.

Oh, okay Rollins. By that logic then if the Nationals remained healthy all season, they would have still beat you and won over one hundred games.

There is a thing called losing with grace, but obviously anything “Phillies” and “grace” go together like oil and water. But the Phillies do pair well with “losing.”

Thanks for the image idea, Jimmy. See you in the postseason– oh, that is right: we won’t.


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