Chicks In Philly Still Dream Of That First Jayson Werth Kiss

I know, I know…

Where have we been? Are we alive? Are we dead? Was the result of the Nationals 2012 playoffs too hard to bear? Does our planet needs us? All will be answered– later.

But first here are some photos of two Philadelphia Phillies fans kissing the NQ Apprentice, Dr. W, while wearing a Jayson Werth mask. Apparently chicks in Philly continue to want to make beard with Jayson Werth.

Basically, the story behind this is there is no story. One day Dr. W declares he is going to try and get some Phillies fans to come all the way from Philadelphia to Washington D.C. to give him a kiss while wearing a Jayson Werth mask. I was like, “Okay, knock yourself out.” With the Nationals out of the playoffs I lost the will to blog. He could have blogged about two tortoises having a three-way with Wilson Ramos’ cup and I wouldn’t have cared.

But a few days later, here we are– it has come to this. Incredibly he got two Phillies fans to come down to D.C. and show their secret devotions and inner-Philly fantasies. They drove all the way from Philly to prove it. Glory!

For their hard work and dedication, they get to make blog. Thanks ladies. To my apprentice: never wear that again. You look like a serial killer.

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