7/31/12 Phillies Vs. Nats Photo Buffet

Home sweet home.

Not going to get a lot of people clicking that link wearing that hat, pal.

I’d never seen so many Lombo fans in one place before.

Little did we know, the team would need this by the end of the night…

Kristina Akra was without a doubt the best part of Tuesday night’s game…

Why, hello Stras…

QUICK! JESUS, LOOK UP! THEY ARE STEALING!!!– ha, ha, fooled you!

Tyler Moore doing the Lawnmower…

Lombo sighting!

Good advice after a bad game.

The Worst Part Of Tuesday Night’s Nats Game Was Not The Score

Sh*t. I knew this would happen. It always happens.

You lay off your ball club for awhile while they enjoy a nice run in the top spot of the division and suddenly they start to get all confident, cocky and worse slackass. They forget there is a blog out there ready to kick them in the nuts when they step out of line. It happens when you take prisoners rather than butchering them on and spot. Just ask the Dread Pirate Roberts.

I feel like a bad parent or something because I haven’t used the NQ lately to instill a bit of fear into this team and tell them what they are doing wrong or just berating them just so they know their place. When you let up your guard something like Tuesday night happens: an embarrassing 8-0 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Well, that sh*t is highly unacceptable and there is plenty of blame to go around. You could blame Stephen Strasburg. He gave up six runs in only four innings. You could blame the offense. They somehow mustered only five hits against a struggling and demoralized Cliff Lee. Jesus Flores deserves some blame. He made a bad throw to third and seems to have completely lost the ability to throw base stealers out. The defense was crap and allowed an inside the park home run. And though it isn’t completely his fault because LaRoche and Zimmerman sat out with injuries, Davey Johnson put out perhaps the worst B squad since early Spring Training.

That all sucks. I know. Trust me, I was there. But none of that is what made Tuesday night’s horrible. Losses happen. Blowouts happen. Shutouts happen. They do and there is nothing anyone or any team can do about that. Yes, it was against the rival Phillies who we all hate with a passion, but come on: 15.5 games back. Who really cares? No, what truly made last night horrible was the fact the Nationals continue to just suck at being mean and putting boots to throats.

They sit at the top of the division. Three of five teams in the NL East are in complete shambles. Their closest competitors are 2.5 games back, but are notorious chokers. They either have or have one of the best records in all the Majors, are in the second half of the season and are gunning for franchise history– and for a lack of a better term, they play too politely, they play too kind.

The Nationals really needed to slap the crap out of the Phillies. The Phillies are a non-issue, they’re old, they suck and it couldn’t have happened to a better team, but that is no reason why they shouldn’t be pummeled. Losses happen, but last night– the Nationals completely lacked that killer instinct that great competitive teams have. Maybe it was because LaRoche and Zimmerman weren’t there, but I hope that isn’t the case because it shows a complete lack of strength and character.

Hopefully the Great Washington Red Machine just had a fart and they’ll be back in the win column tonight and onward, but last night was concerning. They just didn’t look like they had “it.” They seem to have trouble just finishing off these lesser teams and yes, Philly is a lesser team now. The Nats are in uncharted territory for them and they have a lot on the line. Now isn’t the time to put it all in cruise control. They need to drop the hammer and go wide open.

And if they run over a couple teams in the process, so what?

Bryce Harper Is Bad To Baseballs

The Nats dropped a 3-2 NL East affair to the Atlanta Braves on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share a couple pictures taken by Dr. W or gush about a few of the good things that happened during the game.

Steve Lombardozzi collected his first MLB home run against Tommy Hanson to lead off the game while Bryce Harper (freshly named the NL Top Rookie of May along with Gio Gonzalez being named Top May NL Pitcher) unloaded on the very next pitch and planted the ball and Tommy Hanson’s soul in the upper deck for back-to-back home runs.

Great gravy, Harper had a beautiful shot. It was orgasmic. If you need any more proof, check out this young Bryce Harper fan in the throes of ecstasy and eye black:

All these moments will one day be lost in time like tears mixing with the beer that was just splashed over my head. That is why you need to pick up your Bryce Harper Black Label shirt NOW. I know, that was a badly placed, shameless plug. I hide my head in my hands. I put a lighter to my fingertips as punishment.

While I do that, here are a couple shots from Dr. W:

Nats Photo Buffet Leftovers

While we sit around and bask in the glow of the Nationals 3-1 win over the San Diego Padres Tuesday night, their continued NL East (and National League) dominance and wondering if Ryan Zimmerman is going to have to contact Hospice– please enjoy some leftover photos taken by the NQ apprentice, Dr. W, from games from the past week or so.

Nats Have A Couple Of Huckleberries

Greetings readers of fine Inner-Netting blog rot. I am hoping you found your three-day holiday weekend restful and full of joy and happiness.

Sadly, mine was not. Life threw your friend Dangernat some off speed sh*t, some of which has seriously jeopardized the NQ Spring Training plans. I’m still trying to figure things out, but I will keep you informed. It would suck to have to miss ST for the first time in five years, but men have to do what they have to do to survive.

So the weekend was spent wallowing in pits of degradation and all sorts of unmentionable fun that most baseball writers take part in when suffering from a case of bored. The January Off Season is the worst.

So what happened over the weekend?

Let’s get it out of the way: free agent first baseman Prince Fielder is still not signed and will not until after Wednesday. That is because the Texas Rangers have until Wednesday to sign Japanese stud pitcher Yu Darvish. The plot of this drama is simple: if Texas signs Darvish, they will be out on Prince Fielder and the Nationals truly become the #1 landing spot for the big guy. If they fail to sign Darvish, Prince will be a Texas Ranger. Simple as that. I know it sucks the Nationals 2012 season is actually in the hands of another team and it isn’t the rosiest of outlooks, but it is what it is. What would you choose? A team with on-paper potential or a team one out away from World Series victory? I expect by Friday the latest we’ll see Pot-O-Fielder heating up on the stove.

Somehow, someway all the Fielder talk coupled with the fact the Nationals extended pitcher Gio Gonzalez’s contract, five years/$42 million w/options (largest contract for a pitcher eligible for arbitration for the first time) and avoided arbitration with catcher Jesus Flores, has all lead up to the continued harping on getting third baseman Ryan Zimmerman an extension and now certain writers are even calling for a contract extension for Michael Morse– but not both, never both, signing Fielder AND extending the contracts.

Look, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: whatever happens in the coming weeks is just as much a test for the Nationals FO and ownership than it is a test for the players getting on that field and getting to the playoffs. This either-or horse crap is ridiculous and nothing but the media stirring up drama. If it really comes down to choosing Michael Morse or Prince Fielder then that is a no-brainer- good-bye Michael Morse. The Nationals and Zimmerman have nearly two more years to get an extension done. Why the absolute rush? So Zimmerman’s feelings won’t get hurt? Give me a break.

January Off Season sucks so bad…

So the Nationals have a couple of huckleberries. Right now they are doing something similar to that scene from Tombstone above. Zimmerman is Ringo, drunk and deranged in total confusion over his contract wanting to go at it with the Wyatt clan which consists of Michael Morse, Gio Gonzalez and we’ll say Ted Lerner. Then of course there is, Prince Fielder looking all suave, going Doc Holliday on everyone.

“I’m your Huckleberry.” Yes you are, Prince, yes you are. Now where you going to have a shoot out?

Washington or Texas?

It Might Be A Good Idea For Venezuela To Find Wilson Ramos…

In other Nationals catcher news…

Catcher Jesus Flores was doing his own thing in Winter Ball today and afterwards he gave us this lovely tweet:

Translated badly through an online translator:

Felt discomfort in my right leg, and to prevent something worse I had q quit the game.Now talk with physicians to see q tell me!

Oh, boy. Paging Derek Norris, Derek Norris are you in the building?

Or better yet, how about those Venezuela authorities find Wilson Ramos?