Down In Viera, Florida…

Damn it, Barroid! Yes we do mind! This steroid crap is getting out of control. Barroid, A-Roid, and now Miguel Tejada is getting strung up by the grapefruits, as he should, as they all should for their role in this shameful farce. The NQ is disgusted by the actions of all the players and members of the League that allowed this stuff to spin out of control. A day of reckoning will come to you. The chickens are coming home to roost, ya’ll. Aside from that, we have nothing more to say on the subject.

Speaking of grapefruits, the Nationals Journal gave an update on Viera, FL and who is down there doing what already to prepare for Grapefruit League action:

Two of the team’s veteran first basemen, Nick Johnson and Dmitri Young, have both shown up at the spring training facility for sessions with new hitting Rick Eckstein. (From what I’ve heard, Young looks in far better physical condition than he did last year, when he battled complications of diabetes and finished the season weighing more than 310 pounds.)

There’s also a long list of pitchers in Viera.

Among them: Scott Olsen, Jason Bergmann, Matt Chico, Ross Detwiler, Steven Shell, Joel Hanrahan, Garrett Mock, Graham Hicks (the Nats’ fourth-round pick in 2008) and Clint Everts (a first-round pick in 2002).

Detwiler, Chico, Bergmann and Hill actually live in Viera now. (So does Ryan Church, who has occasionally dropped by to work out on his own.)

“When I first came down here, my first spring training was 2003, which makes me one of the older guys, actually,” Bergmann said. “But 2003, I remember Mike Hinckley and Chris Schroder picked me up from airport. I had no idea what to expect. There was the baseball facility, a Wal-Mart and one hotel. No Target. It was just a small, small community on (outskirts) of Melbourne. Now it’s rapidly growing.”

Oooooo, a Target! Now we are talking! I challenge Jason Bergmann to a Price Checker Competition after the game…Good to hear about Dmitri Young getting himself back together, though there is little desire to actually see him out on the field presently…Nick Johnson was always one to get out there early, God this guy needs to stay healthy not just for the team but his own sake…Ryan Church working out around Nats Camp still? That must make it very uncomfortable in the shower…we wish more of the team had this early bird work ethic. They need all the work and training they can get before the regular season, but kudos for those already getting down and dirty.

Okay, we take that back, we do have one thing to say to the innocent, non-smoking, non-sexual, non-drug using Youth of America who just don’t do any sort of those things:

Steroids are bad for you. If you do steroids, the negative side effects far outweigh the positive. Yeah, you’ll get to work in someplace like the MLB and make millions of dollars, but you will also be stricken with really bad tans and hideous powder blue sweaters– just like this guy.