Baba Booey Might Be Coming To Nats Park Next Season


Howard 100 News reports that Baba Booey aka Fa-Fa-Flunky aka Ta-Ta-Toothy aka Ma-Ma-Monkey aka Boy Gary might be making a stop at Nationals Park sometime during the 2014 season to take in a game and scratch the Washington ballpark off his list of ballparks he has visited. Baba Booey is actually named Gary Dell’Abate and is the famed producer of the Howard Stern Show on SiruisXM. His boss, shock jock Howard Stern, once was employed by D.C. radio station DC101.

Dell’Abate (who we will refer to as Baba Booey from now on in this article because I hate that coma in his name) is an avid baseball fan and is in the process of organizing among his friends a tour that will eventually take them to every ballpark in the MLB. Right now, tentatively, Toronto or Washington are next on his list in 2014. Baba Booey forced himself into MLB infamy on May 9, 2009 when he threw out the first pitch at a New York Mets game that ended up doing a Matt Chico and hit an umpire. It is perhaps the worst first pitch in baseball history. You decide:

The NQ are huge Stern Show fans and the possibility of seeing Baba Booey in the crowd at a Nats game and getting the opportunity to shout “Baba Booey” or “Howard Stern’s penis” at him would probably be the apex of this blog’s existence.

It would be cool if the Nats could find out if and when he is coming and offer him a chance to redeem himself by letting him throw out the first pitch. Maybe he’ll finally swear off the Mets. Probably not, but one could hope.

By the way, check out that hyperlink above with the Booey Compilation. In it is a guy wearing a Nats hat who uses “Baba Booey” as code for something is wrong during a newscast.


7/31/12 Phillies Vs. Nats Photo Buffet

Home sweet home.

Not going to get a lot of people clicking that link wearing that hat, pal.

I’d never seen so many Lombo fans in one place before.

Little did we know, the team would need this by the end of the night…

Kristina Akra was without a doubt the best part of Tuesday night’s game…

Why, hello Stras…

QUICK! JESUS, LOOK UP! THEY ARE STEALING!!!– ha, ha, fooled you!

Tyler Moore doing the Lawnmower…

Lombo sighting!

Good advice after a bad game.

4/Fridaythe13th/2012 Reds vs. Nats Photo Buffet

I’m going to make this one into a shirt…

The NQ’s first game of 2012. Loved it. I’ve never sat so close to the foul pole.

Not the greatest game of his career, but who cares? It’s Wilson FREAKING Ramos!

Was kind of happy to see the ole’ seagull again.

Way to go, Grizzly Adams!

The Right Field Foul Pole of Romance

Nationals Finally Get On The Bus, Vow To Take Back The Park

Well, the absolute P-Diddy Nationals news this morning is the Washington Nationals have announced their “Take Back The Park” Campaign that will take place during the first series the Nationals have at home against the Philadelphia Phillies which will be May 4-6. Nationals Press Release:

The Washington Nationals today launched Take Back the Park, an exciting initiative that encourages local Nationals fans to purchase tickets for the first three games against the Philadelphia Phillies before they go on sale to the general public.


Beginning today, single game tickets for the May 4-6 Nationals vs. Phillies series will only be available to season ticket holders and fans who reside in Washington, D.C., Maryland or Virginia. This exclusive presale will ensure that the team’s most loyal fans have the first opportunity to purchase tickets to cheer on the Nationals when they play their NL East rivals to the north.

Alright, we’ll see if this works. This “campaign” has been talked about for a long time amongst the fans who have a couple grassroots “Take Backs” already in the works, but this is the first time the team itself has gotten behind the idea. In the past, when the rival Philadelphia Phillies came to town, the hometown fans were drastically outnumbered. The fans noticed it, the media noticed it and the players noticed it. It didn’t help that the Nationals offered up group sales to Phillies fans to begin with. No more says Nats COO Andy Feffer. D.C. Sports Bog:

“Frankly, I was tired of seeing it,” Nats COO Andy Feffer told me this week. “Forget you, Philly. This is our park, this is our town, these are our fans, and it’s our time right now.”

I want to believe it, I really do, but we’ll see.

“We’ve got some other things planned for the Phillies,” Feffer also said. “Don’t expect their buses to be hanging out and dropping off their fans right around the ballpark here. I’m gonna stick ‘em across the river if I can, make ‘em swim across.”

Alright, now I am calling BS on that one. Let’s be honest: it is great they are doing this, but it sucks they are doing this. I know other teams have done this in the past when they’ve had infestations of opposing fans (including the Phillies I am told), but lets admit we’ve always pointed and laughed at those teams while calling them pussies and thinking, “My team will never have to do that.”


Cancel Your Plans: God Sends Joel Osteen To Nationals Park For Something

I hate to be the only one admitting it, but absolutely nothing is going on in Natstown. Literally, nothing of substance is going on and it is beginning to show. The bloggers and media have reached that point of the year where they are either doing fantasy revamps of 2011 or texting Captain Obvious for print. There is a huge demand for stories, but the supply is dwindling. Everyone is just waiting for a fresh chunk of bloody copy to enter the waters so we can go into a feeding frenzy.

The World Series is in full swing and while it is turning into one of the more entertaining Series of recent memory, I personally have a hard time caring for either Texas or St. Louis. Everyone is ready to push the button and open the flood gates on the Albert Pujols Sweepstakes which will become an orgy of drama and while I would like nothing more than seeing Pujols donning a Curly W jersey, I know chances of it are slim. The Phillies declined options on pitchers Roy Oswalt and Brad Lidge and already a few Nats bloggers have jumped on that particular bus, but the problem is that bus is currently not running any routes right now so I am not even going to pay the fare for that one. I need something solid, something with some meat.

So what is left?

Oh, look. The Osteens are bible thumping into Nationals Park in April of 2012. PRESS RELEASE:

Tickets are now available to the fourth annual “America’s Night of Hope” with Joel and Victoria Osteen on April 28, 2012 at Nationals Park.

“America’s Night of Hope” is an annual event hosted by Joel and Victoria Osteen, pastors of Houston’s Lakewood Church — America’s largest and most diverse church. The event draws thousands of attendees from across the nation for an evening of celebration and hope. In previous years, the event was held at Yankee Stadium in New York, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and U. S. Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox.

For more information or to purchase $15 tickets for “America’s Night of Hope,” go to or call 888.632.NATS (6287). Tickets are also available for purchase at the Nationals Park Main Box Office, which is open Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Check for any changes in Box Office hours.

Yes. Seriously I posted this on the NQ. It just goes to show you how desperate things have become. I really have no excitement over this event because I am not a fan of televangelism, mega-churches or any of that sort of thing and don’t understand why the Nationals continue to rent out the stadium (during the baseball season especially) to these religious events.

It sucks because every time they do, the next time I come to the Park after the holy event I walk through the Center Field Gate and it bursts into flames. Odd. Oh well. At least I took this post to post a Monty Python picture.

Are The New BP Nets Protecting Fans From Nationals Or Other Way Around?

There was some significance to the Nationals series against the Florida Marlins this past weekend and it had nothing really to do with the play on the field. This past weekend was the first time fans could see and experience the new removable batting practice nets the organization installed while the Nats were playing the Mets in New York.

We have been told the nets, placed up only during batting practice, are ugly eyesores when they are put up, but are quickly forgotten as they are removed a little before the game starts; innocently enough by 15 or more grounds crew workers. Safety is always a concern and rightfully so, so it is nice to see the Nationals, as they put it, react to the recent death of a fan who fell 20 feet to his death at the Ballpark in Arlington after trying to grab a ball tossed into the stands by a player.

What batting practice nets, with no reports of major incidents or injury, are going to do to prevent fans from doing–whatever it is they are supposedly doing to have the Nationals make such a move– is sort of unknown right now. With the fact that most of the stadium is closed off to BP to begin with makes their sudden and bizarre installation open to speculation.

The most recent “story” the NQ has heard comes from the mouths of Natstown faithful to the ears of my Apprentice to Blog. Here is what he wrote me after attending a game this weekend:

“Alright so i was talking with this group of people and they were all upset about the new nets and how all it will really accomplish is fans not being able to get autographs. One asked if it was because of this crazy lady. They asked this guy Greg who works at the park and he said it was and then they told me what happened.

They are done with autographs before the game. Apparently some old woman with a cane was getting an autograph from Brian Bixler and wanted a lot more than just one. Brian told her that he would come back to her after he signed for all the kids who wanted autographs as well. As a result she started screaming at him and cursing at him and used her cane as a weapon. Now they have new rules in place.”

My apprentice went on to tell me Nats Park security has had problems with this lady before in an incident that involved Ryan Zimmerman and signing autographs and her punishment for the Bixler ordeal was a two-year Nationals Park ban.

At first I didn’t believe it. Old women assaulting Brian Bixler and Nationals Park security with a cane? Too corny even for this blog. However, I did a little digging and did confirm from some other fans that such a woman did exist and is now absent from Nationals Park. I even have a name, but I hesitate to print the name of this person on the blog for I have not been able to make contact to confirm or deny these events, but the person herself is not really the concern. The concern comes from if the Nationals actually put these nets up not to protect the fans, but protect themselves from the fans– or at least angry, cane-welding seniors.

Granted that over the years seeking autographs has taken on a sick, financial meaning for some, but overall it continues to be the traditional fan experience draw, especially to young and promising future fans. Major League ballparks (Nats Park included) have been tagged as cold, remote structures that continue to distance fans from the game and these batting practice nets are merely highlighting the borders between the game and the fans further. The nets don’t make a whole lot of sense in the respect that BP has never really been that extremely dangerous to fans to warrant them and why a last place team who is looking to grow and expand would even want them when they are yet another way to alienate the fan base.

Safety. The golden rule of safety. No one can or will argue against safety.

When you sense that someone could choke on a piece of ice in their Souvenir Cup you do what is safest for all fans: not allow ice in the Park. If you close the team store because you are worried the store employees stacked the stack of Zimmerman bobbleheads too high and they could fall over, just say it was closed for safety. When one fan goes bonkers and yells and canes at security, for safety, you put up batting practice nets proving that one bad apple does ruin it for everyone– actually, the more I think about it the more it doesn’t make any sense, but the Nationals have done weirder things before.

Is there any truth to this story? Did the Nats really put up the batting practice nets to deter autograph seekers? Or is there really a safety issue? Or perhaps a little of both? There are group of fans that believe it and even some Nationals Park personnel that believe it.

The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are out there and they can paint one of many pictures. The NQ is simply putting them in a different order for you to see and decide if those pieces fit.

I can’t tell if the picture is of a castle, sailboat or a puppy pulling on the diaper of a baby, but when and if I ever figure it out I will let you know.