Missing Lombo


(Editor’s Note: This was written before today’s 4-3 victory in Philadelphia. It was to be posted pregame, but circumstances prevented it from happening, mainly, the Editor sucks. However, the meat of the article is fresh enough, though it may be a little cold. My apologies to Dr. W.)

I will preface this by saying that I am fully aware that we are only four games into the 2015 season. Nevertheless, there is a great deal to be uneasy about. Every single run thus far has come off of home runs. However many runs each home run brings in has been the totality of the runs for each game. This is simply not how you win ball games.

The defensive woes are unbearable particularly in the middle infield. I am not going to use names but let’s just say these errors were committed by a certain shortstop who, at one point, rocked a porn mustache. This has made me consider breaking out my personalized Nationals jersey and suit up myself. But one thing would have been better than me getting in on the action: holding onto Steve Lombardozzi.

I know we dealt Lombo in a trade that landed Doug Fister in Natstown, and I am more than satisfied seeing Doug on the bump. However, I can’t help but think that a lot of our defensive woes and controversies could have been avoided had we found a way to hold onto him. Lombo was regarded as the “ultimate utility player” for a reason. He could do anything. You need a middle infielder? Call Lombo. You need someone on the hot corner? Call Lombo You need a left fielder? Call Lombo. Not only was he primed to play just about anywhere in the infield and out in left field, his bat was solid.

In 2012 he played in 126 games and had a solid average of .273 with 22 extra base hits including 3 home runs. In 2013, his batting was not quite as good but he still put together a .259 average with 18 extra base hits including 2 home runs in 118 games. I could see Lombo batting at 7 or 8 in the lineup or batting leadoff if the situation called for it. And perhaps best of all, he is not error prone. In four seasons played at second base, third base, shortstop, and left field he has tallied a grand total of nine errors. In four seasons, with significant game time, he has tallied as many career errors as the previously referred to shortstop who, again, shall remain nameless tallies in the month of April.

The “what-ifs” are enough to drive you crazy. But Lombo is gone. Just like Morse. Just like LaRoche. He is another statistic of players who should still be here but are not. Oh well. I miss you Lombo and I am sure I’m not the only one in Natstown who does.

Best of luck in the Pirates organization.

7/31/12 Phillies Vs. Nats Photo Buffet

Home sweet home.

Not going to get a lot of people clicking that link wearing that hat, pal.

I’d never seen so many Lombo fans in one place before.

Little did we know, the team would need this by the end of the night…

Kristina Akra was without a doubt the best part of Tuesday night’s game…

Why, hello Stras…

QUICK! JESUS, LOOK UP! THEY ARE STEALING!!!– ha, ha, fooled you!

Tyler Moore doing the Lawnmower…

Lombo sighting!

Good advice after a bad game.

Bryce Harper Is Bad To Baseballs

The Nats dropped a 3-2 NL East affair to the Atlanta Braves on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share a couple pictures taken by Dr. W or gush about a few of the good things that happened during the game.

Steve Lombardozzi collected his first MLB home run against Tommy Hanson to lead off the game while Bryce Harper (freshly named the NL Top Rookie of May along with Gio Gonzalez being named Top May NL Pitcher) unloaded on the very next pitch and planted the ball and Tommy Hanson’s soul in the upper deck for back-to-back home runs.

Great gravy, Harper had a beautiful shot. It was orgasmic. If you need any more proof, check out this young Bryce Harper fan in the throes of ecstasy and eye black:

All these moments will one day be lost in time like tears mixing with the beer that was just splashed over my head. That is why you need to pick up your Bryce Harper Black Label shirt NOW. I know, that was a badly placed, shameless plug. I hide my head in my hands. I put a lighter to my fingertips as punishment.

While I do that, here are a couple shots from Dr. W:

Steve Lombardozzi Looks A Little Different

This photo comes courtesy of everyone’s favorite Nationals beat writer, Bill Ladson. The first question that comes to mind: Who the hell is that?!

The answer is Nationals rook Steve Lombardozzi. DAAAAAMN has he changed. He went from this:

…to looking like Matthew McConaughey in Reign of Fire. Our spies also tell us he put on a little weight so the man who was once a boy is– a man who was once a boy. Lombo is going to have a hard time breaking camp with the team come April, maybe he can land one of the highly coveted bench roles though that might stifle his development more than do him good.

At least now it looks like he could break your face if you meet him in a dark alley.

2012 Topps Nationals Cards Look Toppslicious

The Topps 2012 baseball cards were released Wednesday and the NQ got our grubby little hands on three of them. Pictured:

  • Topps 2012 Jordan Zimmermann
  • Topps 2012 Stephen Lombardozzi Rookie Card
  • Topps 2012 Michael Morse

Nothing overly odd or wild about them except if you scratch them and then take a sniff they give off a unique and pungent odor.

It smells like playoffs.

Davey Johnson Channels Daniel Radcliffe To Get Lombardozzi RBI

The Washington Nationals defeated the New York Mets Monday night in the Big Apple by the tight score of 3-2. It was won in the seventh inning off rookie second baseman Steve Lombardozzi’s first Major League hit and RBI. The Nationals really squeezed this one out like a turtlehead, but a win is a win. No doubt the party was in Lombardozzi’s hotel room last night.

Post game, manager Davey Johnson had some kooky things to say about Lombardozzi’s big night:

“I thought it was great, and I thought it was a fitting inning,” manager Davey Johnson said. “I saw Harry Potter [actor Daniel Radcliffe] today [at an event in Manhattan], so maybe we have a little magic. Lombardozzi was 0-for-15. What a way to get your first big league hit, with a game-winner. It couldn’t be any better than that.”

Wow. Daniel Radcliffe. Harry Potter. Magic and sorcery. Lombardozzi– I totally see the connection. Brilliant, just brilliant. This marks the third Nationals manager in a row that either has relied on alchemy or black magic to win a baseball game. I seem to recall former manager Manny Acta constantly “waiting for a spark” though he never said what that meant nor did I think it ever materialized. Jim Riggleman was the same, always waiting around for something to pop out of thin air and I still have a sneaky suspicion that he used to hang crystals in the locker room and throw salt all over the place.

I really hope that the Nats won because Peanut Butter Mouth saw Radcliffe because that really changes everything. It is like if I one day see Keanu Reeves, I am hoping I can then suddenly can go back in time to gather historical dead dudes for my upcoming history report in San Dimas so I can save the band, get the princesses, eat the Ziggy Piggy and promote world peace.

If I still can’t get an A+ after all that, screw it. I’ll do Kung-Fu on Mr. Ryan and then leap over rooftops to safety and back to Zion.

I can’t imagine the trouble I’d get in if I one day saw Scarlett Johansson or Hope Solo eating at Five Guys.