If Only This Was A Reality Show



Like any true-blooded lazy American, I like to spend my nights with a bourbon in hand and selfishly wasting away on my couch in front of the boob tube. Unfortunately, aside from a few sporting events, the Deadliest Catch and pornography, the programs these days are terrible. There isn’t one satisfying show that I watch religiously. The last great show to ever grace the idiot box was the X-Files which was broadcast in the ’90s. I have all nine seasons and one of the feature films on DVD.

The other night I was partaking in alien conspiracy, that was mighty similar to Nationals Front Office gossip, when I came upon an episode in Season 6 called “The Unnatural.” It was only mere minutes into the episode when I suddenly spilled my drink all over myself, stood up and shouted, “Holy Jesus, those are the Homestead Grays!”

Actually, in the show it was the “Roswell Grays” but as you can see from my screen grabs, those are the uniforms of the old negro league heroes, the Homestead Grays who originated in Pittsburgh, but adopted Washington D.C. as their “home away from home,” many times sharing Griffith Stadium with the old Washington Senators.

The plot of this particular show was agent Fox Mulder sees an old picture from the Roswell Grays that supposedly has an alien bounty hunter pictured. He locates an old friend who served as a cop assigned to protecting the Grays most valuable player at that time from being the target of a hate crime. That player turns out to be an alien himself. In fact, it is found that all great baseball players from the Babe to Joe DiMaggio were all secretly aliens because, really, who could play the game like they did? At the end of the episode, Mulder and Scully share a moment while Mulder sports a Josh Gibson Grays jersey.

It was an amusing and heartwarming romp into cosmic craziness written and directed by David Duchovny that has such a taste of baseball, it probably should be included in the list of must watch baseball movies and shows.

It got me thinking on who on the Nationals might be an alien in disguise. Sadly, I couldn’t think of one player who plays on an extraterrestrial level. However, I am suspicious of Jordan Zimmermann and even possible 2009 #1 Draft Pick Stephen Strasburg. I’m confident that former GM Jim Bowden was an alien as well as CLINT, but those two come from a lower sort of life form.

Possibly martian bacteria that landed on meteors back in the late ’90s.

Oh Look, They Are At It Again

Just a bit inside, originally uploaded by randomduck.

For some reason Dave Sheinin is manning the Nationals Journal right now and he is saying that the Washington Nationals and the Oakland Athletics have possibly renewed their talks about a trade for Nats first baseman Nick Johnson. Johnson is best known for being a great hitter, shaving lightning bolts in his head in 08′, and being prone to the injury bug unfortunately.

It is unknown who the Nats might get in return, but A’s once-prospect first baseman Daric Barton has been thrown out there as a possibility.

The NQ would be surprised if the Nats could get anything more than Barton at this point for Johnson. This move reeks of both teams are going to have to take risks. The A’s would have to take on NJ who is injury prone and the Nats would have to take on someone who might not completely pan out.

Other reasons for this move:

a.) To put pressure on Adam Dunn.
b.) To put pressure on the Yanks to make a deal for Swisher (highly unlikely, but we are all about fantasy around here).
c.) The organization actually sees something in Barton and is willing to take the risk.
d.) They know they aren’t getting Dunn.
e.) None of the Above
f.) Other

Or this could all be bull ka-ka and just another wild off-season rumor. The article states the Nats had previous interest in Barton, but that doesn’t mean they have it now.

I hate all this “unknown” surrounding the team. It reminds me too much of that X-Files episode where the guy eats other people’s livers and then goes to hibernate in a nest of his own vomit under a shopping mall escalator.

Oh come on, you know it reminds you of the very same thing!