As more and more people are being hooked on longboarding and addicted to the collection of the best longboard brands, the longboard industry now become more heated than ever before. Companies in longboard segments keep raising the bar with unique designs, constructions and materials. Those who say that the evolution of skateboard is still stagnating have to get a closer look in this promising market. Says Andreas “Maui” Maurmeir at Sector 9 Europe: “There is no typical longboard user…that is the magic about it. Everybody can have fun on the boards and can get a good sensation out of it”.

The diverse needs are on the line, for which, hundreds of longboard brands are created and pulling their weight the present to you the best of them. However, from the customers’ view, it is not kind of easy task to choose the best and most suitable riders.

NO WORRY, today we will help you on this tough task and we promise that you will soon get your own an awesome, high-quality, stunning longboard that you’ve ever dreamed of.

True value come from experience

Imagine that you are weighing the pros and cons to buy a brand new car? Would you choose the name that is famous for its experience in producing high- quality car or you opt for the brand found last two months? Obviously the first option. The same story applied for longboard customers. In reality, it does have some phenomenal brands which has made a lot of progress through many years and stood out to be the leaders in longboarding industry.

We’d like to present to you Top 5 Longboard Brands – the best of the best rider producers in the world. These brands also offer some amazing new surprises for 2016 that you will be extremely impressed with!

best longboard brands

1st Place – SECTOR 9

With a great history specializing in longboard or skateboard in general. Sector 9 turns out to be the invincible opponent in longboard market. Surfing on some websites for longboard sale and purchase, you can easily see the brand “Sector 9” right on the top with highest review score. It becomes well – known and recognized as the leader not only for great designs but for many amazing features:

  • Attractive, high- quality, excellent constructions
  • Extremely maneuverable rider
  • Providing good carving and downhill capacity
  • Great at sliding and turning
  • Riding with ease.

2nd Place – QUEST

There is something unique of Quest to make it stunning in recent years. Taking “Styles, Quality, Attitude” as the defining features, this brand has been unbelievably successful in providing riders for the beginners and intermediates. You’re a beginner, you don’t know how to get started or you prefer the high- quality one with medium price level? Go to any Quest Store, you’re making the right decision

  • A very affordable rider
  • Smart looks, sophisticated design
  • Sturdy and durable board
  • Best for beginners and intermediate
  • Long- term service and Eco- friendly.

3rd Place – YOCACHER

Similar to Sector 9, Yocacher also has a long history of skateboarding. In other words, it is one of the brands that brought every first inspiring riders to the world of longboarding fans. Another extraordinary feature of Yocacher’s longboards is their great balance which makes you feel completely secure and confident in movements.

  • Strong, sturdy, durable boards made of maple wood
  • Excellent styled longboard
  • Easy- to –handle riders
  • Amazing balance reduces the chance of falling

4th Place – SANTA CRUZ

Santa Cruz is well- know to be very successful in the past. They date back to the roots of skateboarding and longboarding and have grown significantly with the sport. A lot of people may be impressed by this brand’s creativity when they add various characters into their product. I’m sure that you would love it once you realize those all the character you know. Besides, Santa Cruz also brings you excellent boards with plenty of great features

  • Stable board with the average width of 10”
  • Soft wheels provide more grips, especially for downhills
  • Unique, fashionable style with various characters.

5th Place – ATOM

In the past 10 years, Atom has become the best value for money with a wide collection of riders they provide. If you are looking for a rider which is inexpensive but made of great components as well, then go straight to get one of the best Atom’s. They have professional customer services, provide the best longboards with variety of designs, colors and prices. You will easily get home a suitable one.

  • Low center of gravity gives more stability
  • Both affordable and high- quality
  • Variety of designs, styles, colors

Although every skatershave their own preferences, there’re still brands that reach to the top and show their exceptional products. I hope you’ve already made up your mind which brand to choose. Whatever it would be, have a great riding experience with the best chosen one!

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