Choosing the Compound Bow for Beginners

Choosing the best Compound Bow for Beginners

A Compound Bow is the modern version of a bow which uses strong elastic materials like cables to roll over the cams or wheels attached to the end of the limbs of the bow. The limbs, stabilizers, sights and quivers of a compound bow are called the riser of a bow. Aluminium and fiberglass are the most common materials used to make the central riser of a compound bow.


There are a few important things to be kept in mind while choosing a best compound bow. If you’re a beginner, you are not trained properly to handle all bows and the tension decreases as you get experienced.

  • The axle to axle length should be adjustable so as to fit your body. But you must remember that the longer you can pull back the strings of a bow, the faster will be the speed of the arrow after release. Therefore the draw length should be average for beginners, keeping in mind their height and the speed of the bow.
  • A compound bow with a draw weight within 30-40 lbs. is perfect for a beginner, as it is comparatively light. Therefore the beginner gets used to the weight before moving on to a compound bow with a heavier draw weight.
  • It should have an average speed because a beginner will find it difficult to handle a compound bow with slow speed and compound bows that are really fast are difficult to use even by experienced archers or hunters. Speed flattens trajectory and therefore slow speed compound bows should not be used.
  • The compound bows should be made of light weight material like fiberglass as it gives you great flexibility keeping the weight low.
  • The stability of the bow increases with increase in the length of the bow therefore a beginner should start with bigger bows.

A Primer On The Best Compound Bow Accessories

Archery is really an interesting sport that is not only fun, but it also improves concentration power. It is indeed one of the most productive arts to engage your grown up child into. It proves to be a great substitute for unproductive means of entertainment including video games, TV and gaming consoles. Nevertheless, whether you want a compound bow for engaging your child or you want to experience this great ancient art by yourself, there are numerous models of compound bows available that are manufactured by different makers. You can get hold of a superior and cost-effective compound bow by gaining some idea about the online customer reviews and by visiting good game equipment retail stores.

Once you have got hold of a desired bow, it is time to ponder about those best compound bow accessories which will double your fun of shooting and make the entire shooting experience more convenient and noise-free. A compound bow accessory refers to that accessory which helps its user to make the bow more functional and versatile. There are numerous accessories available including fall sights, releases, cases, stabilizers and quivers. They all are not just considered as the best compound bow accessories, but are also considered as the most essential ones too.

Essential And Best Compound Bow Accessories

Sight: This is one of the most important accessories and a lot hinges on it in the context of the accurateness of shooting. Without this component, it is complex to hit the target spot.

TRUGLO Power-Dot Red Dot Bow Sight

Stabilizer: This equipment facilitates its user in keeping the bow straight and steady while shooting. Bows generally tend to be top-heavy and hence a user may find it difficult to maintain balance, but using stabilizer solves the problem of maintaining balance.

NAP 8 Inch Apache Stabilizer

Release: It is something that is used to pull back the string for shooting the arrow. It comes in diverse kinds of styles and colors. It is considered to be important, but not essential.

Scott Archery Caliper Release Grip

Quiver: It requires arrows. It also comes in different styles, colors and patterns. It facilitates its user in holding arrows for allowing him to shoot multiple arrows, one after another.

PSE Infinity Camo Mongoose 6 Arrow Quiver

 Case: If you have a good bow or its expensive you need to really invest in a great bow case to keep you compound bow safe and in the best condition. It is available in soft or hand range, both. It is available in different sizes, colors and styles. This plays a crucial role in ensuring a good maintenance of your bow and other important components.


Plano AW Bow Case Bone Collector Series

If you want to enjoy archery in the best possible manner, it becomes imperative to invest in the best compound bow accessories, featuring the best quality. However, before you begin looking for the best accessories, you should look around and go through the numerous customer reviews, in order to find the best deal. With the appropriate options, you will not just be able to shoot easily, but will also notice a significant difference in the experience of shooting. If you don’t have budget constraints, you can also go take a sneak peek at various other interesting accessories including string serving thread, Nok sets, string silencers, bow grips, bow strings, sight lights, vibration reduction dampers and the list is just endless.

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