Find the most suitable brand for your child’s balance bike

So, you are considering a balance bike for your child’s present. Balance bikes are one of rare things that worth the hype, thus, you seem to head for right choice. However, finding the most suitable bike for your child is not easy at all. There seem to be hundreds of brand out there and you have no idea how to find out the best balance bike. This article will provide you our balance bike reviews.

In this article, you will learn about basics of a balance bike, from frame size to the tire type. It is not simple, but also not that complex. Once you are familiar with various feature of a balance bike, you will be able to make a good purchasing decision.


We will divide into 2 categories: based on the cost and based on the age of your child.

A. Based on cost

100$ should be the maximum budget for the balance bike with good quality. You will have certain choices of cheaper options but a wise investment should be put on higher-quality bikes. You can resale it when the kids grow up at a high resale value and this bike will last through many of your next children. High-end bikes have air tires that are significantly safer than cheaper ones since the air tires have low centre of gravity allowing kids to balance, and gives better traction to remain balance.

B. Based on age of the child

  1. Toddlers from 12 Months and Up

You can think that a 12 month year old toddler has no need to learn about balance and of course, you are not going to teach them at such age. However, only sitting and scooting around the house and outside on paved sidewalks already brings so much fun. People prefer balance bike to tricycle because kids will learn how to balance faster than they do with such ‘pre’ balance of the tricycle. Sure they might be hesitant at some first minutes, all of them will get used to it better, easier, with less effort than a 4 or 4 wheeled push bike. Two-wheeled bikes are just like normal bikes for adults, thus totally unsuitable to this age. Even older/Larger kids will find it harder to master. This chart below describe the strengths and weaknesses of each brands.

  1. Toddlers from 18 months and more

The key to choose the best bike for toddler of this age is a lightweight bike with kind of short saddle height. Unlike to most of our cautious perception, brakes and footrest are not essential at all since toddler hardly ever use them. What is the most interesting is most of kids starting on a balance bike at first are ready to ride a pedal bike at almost the same time, (when they are young) if they are well coordinated enough, brakes and footrest are no big deal.  Light weight foam tires are great for toddlers as they are also puncture proof although they provide no needed proper traction. Unless your child is athletic type who cannot wait to move to a pedal bike, foam tire bike are good choice for them. In case you want to have your child ride a balance bike when she or he reached 4 years old or older, air tires bikes is a good investment. In order to prevent flat tires from the get-go, adding tire sealant is highly recommended.

  1. Toddlers from 2.5 and older:

The market bikes on the market surely can meet your child’s demand, no matter he or she belongs to street cruising princess type or off-roading maniac type. If you assume your child is going to ride the balance bike for many years, air tires are the point. At the age of 2.5 years old, a toddler can ride over mountain and hills if allowed in no time, so knobby tires needs to be purchased along with the bike just in case of off-road terrain.

  1.  Preschoolers range from 3.5 and older:

Preschoolers need bike that are the closest to the real bikes. Although the foam tires can still bear their weight, the increased traction will require “bike-like” feeling for air tire offers. Now is the perfect time for hand brakes since your child is ready to utilize them. They can use a footrest too.

  1. Grade Schoolers At 4 and above:
At around 5, most kids are familiar with a pedal bike. However, if you feel that they are not ready for one, make sure they start with a balance bike, never training wheels. You need to add hand brakes and consider footrests if they want some tricks to do.
Now you have a better idea which brands to choose. Good luck!

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