Hybrid Bicycles: Not actually a road bike,same like a mountain bike,but serves great for all in between things

Hybrid Bicycles

As the name suggests, hybrid bike is a perfect combination of two different types of bikes namely

mountain bike and road bike. On the other hand, city bikes comfort bikes andcycle cross bikes also come

under this type of bike.

Hybrid bikes are generally known as multi-purpose bikes, because it allows the riders to ride on different

types of pathways such as even, uneven and tough comfortably and securely. Hybrid bikes are best for

the people who want to ride out but on economical bikes. You can read more about hybrid bikes and best hybrid bikes under

$500 on omisport.com

As hybrid bike has a combined features of mountain bikes and road bikes that is why it has gained much

popularity and diversity. Just like mountain bike, it also has upright handlebars, multiple gear option

and fast braking system in the form of disc brakes.

When it comes to speed, hybrid bikes contain thinner tires with more air pressure and less thread. This

generates less rolling resistance and as a result allows the riders to ride out faster. As compare to

mountain bikes, hybrid bikes use not very large wheels in order to keep the weight of the cycle low.

Why Hybrid?

As a rider, you may think that what the reason behind combining these bikes is. Hybrid bike is becoming

more famous day by day just because it is a great combination of the world’s amazing bikes.

Mountain bikes are durable but one of the major drawback is that it is a little slow for riding on the city

roadways. However, fortunately, hybrid bikes have solved this problem by combining the durability

of mountain bikes with the perfect speed of the road bikes.


Hybrid bikes are multi-purpose so riders can use this bike for various purposes. Still hybrid bikes are not

consider good to ride in a road racing competitions and for riding on rough roads. Riders can use the

hybrid bikes for riding on the below given surfaces:

  • Hybrid bikes are perfect for traveling around in areas where riders are not sure of theground.
  • Mud path and unpaved road
  • Good for trails of city travelling

An important thing to note is, even though hybrid bike contains a many features of mountain bikes still

hybrid bike must not confused with mountain bikes. The tires of the hybrid are not good dirt and loose

sand, sudden climbs and rocky paths. However, hybrid bikes are stronger as compare to road bikes.

These bikes can be use easily in huge range of settings.

Selecting best Hybrid Bicycle

Due to the attractiveness of the style of hybrid bikes, riders can find it without any kind of difficulty.  All

you have to do is access your needs & requirements and accordinglyselect the suitable bike. It is

important to note that knowing what kind of bike you want before actually going for the shopping can

definitely help you in this regard. It is also essential to know about the features of the desired bike. So

try to look for following features when buying a hybrid bike.


For Speed

  • Carbon or Aluminum frame
  • Thinner tires
  • Upright handlebars
  • More than one chain rings in the front
  • lidless pedals

For Ease

  • Broader tires with lesser air pressure
  • Handlebars, which permit the riders to sit in an upright position.
  • Three chain rings
  • Carbon or steel frame

Some of the other considerations in order to enhance the performance and safety of the riders of the

bike are as follows:

  • Riders must use fenders especially in a rainy day.
  • In order to ride out at night, back and front lights are necessary
  • For longer travel, bike should have a water bottle frame to keep it intact.
  • Bell, so that riders can warn the people, which are coming after them.


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