Top Features To Choose A Safe Helmet

Top Features To Choose A Safe Helmet


An indispensable companion of motorcyclists is the helmet. Wearing a helmet is not only for obligation but also for your safety as a priority. From that point, to pick up the safest one, you need to follow these elements below.
Helmet Safety Ratings: This is the very first element you should keep in mind when choosing a helmet. These days, there are two most popular standards which are the DOT standard and SNELL certification. If your helmet passes one or even both of these standards, you can have no fears about the protection ability of it anymore.

Even though they are both examining how safe of the helmets, there are still many differences:

How many elements are tested?




SNELL certification

DOT standard

Who test the helmet

SNELL Organization will do it

National Highway Safety Administration does not directly test and certificate. The manufacturers have to do this.

How to test

Inspect by randomly choosing 1 helmet and bringing to a lab for separate testing. After the certification, they will keep picking randomly a helmet sold in the market to examine

Inspect by randomly choosing 1 helmet and bringing to a lab for separate testing. After the certification, they will not inspect anymore

What will happen if the helmet achieves the standard

Will be certified based on the standard and can affix stamps Snell Certified.

It will seal DOT

The strict degree



A loose helmet and strap will be very easy to fall down when there is a strong collision caused from an accident, which makes the benefits of the headgear become useless alongside the higher risks in driver’s safety. On the contrary, with a tight helmet and strap, you will find it hard to concentrate to the road because of the inconvenience when rotating your head to both sides and gradually it will cause headache. From those points, one more element you need to consider is the fit of the motorcycle helmet. You can check by trying wearing it over your head, do not forget to fasten the strap and feel whether or not it fits your head the most. If not, it is advised to pick up the others.

The Comfort

This is also another element having an influence on how safe of a helmet because the comfort will effect on your focus while joining traffic. A helmet is considered to be comfortable should be the one getting good ventilation; soft padding and can limit the external

The ventilation:  A helmet should have vents on the top and front to cool your head and face, especially the full – face helmet. If its ventilation is poor, your head will be very easy to sweat, causing many diseases involved in your scalp. The best one should have the vent holes with the ability to open and close when in need.


The soft padding: maxresdefault (2)
This element is not only affected on how comfortable of drivers but also play an important role in the safety of them. Too thin paddings will be poor in absorbing shocks and strong collisions, causing severe injuries related to the head, even the fatal death. Thus, you should choose a helmet with soft paddings and is thick enough to ensure the safety.




The noise resistance: This will effect on the focus of driver, especially for those who usually get long distance travel. Sometimes, the wind sound is rather noisy to make the motorcyclists lose concentration on their driving, which is very dangerous.



The Helmet Style

best-motorcycle-helmet-cyberpower-sportSafety and styles of helmet are not the independent factors but on the contrary, they have a strong connection to each other. The style of helmet will play an essential part on how safe of driver. For a typical example, those drivers who choose to wear the full – face helmet will have fewer risks in head injuries than those who use the half face ones because of their coverage influencing on their protection abilities.

Now on the helmet market, there are 5 major styles of best motorcycle helmet including: The full – face helmet

  • The open face helmet
  • The half face helmet
  • The motocross helmet
  • The flip up helmet

Each style has its own pros and cons but based on the safety factor, the full face is the best choice. However, it does not mean that you can choose the other styles. You can, but to ensure your safety, you should equip masks and glasses.

As you can see, to choose a helmet is like when you choose a motorcycle, both require the safety and comfort to use. If you want to have the most interesting and joinable moments when experiencing riding a motorcycle in the safest way, you need to equip yourself protective gears, not except the helmet.

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